31 days of Dad Days

31 Days of Dad Days


We are the Harmonic Minors and we have been home-schooling for two years.

Our Dad works shift work so every second week he has a Thursday rostered off.  That day is Dad Day, Mum gets a day to do other jobs she needs to do and all the kids and Dad have a fun school day doing all sorts of activities from learning about Captain Cook, to making mosaics.

We always look forward to our Dad Days and over the next 31 days through October we will show you as many as we can.

We hope you enjoy the fun we have with our Dad Days and look forward to hearing about them as much as we look forward to doing them.

The Harmonic Minors

Day 2 – Wooden Letter 
Day 3 – Mosaics
Day 4 – Helensburgh Train Tunnels
Day 5 – Shadow box
Day 6 – Sculptures by the Sea
Day 7 – Chalkboard Speech-bubbles
Day 8 – Stop Motion Skits
Day 9 – DIY Chopping Boards
Day 10 – Robots!!
Day 11 – Mapping
Day 12 – Putt Putt Golf
Day 13 – Joseph Banks
Day 14 – Karloo Pools
Day 15 – The Powerhouse museum
Day 16 – Bike Ride to the Airport
Day 17 – Make Your Own Kite
Day 18 – Flying kites
Day 19 – Electricity
Day 20 – A Post from Dad
Day 21 – Woronora Dam
Day 22 – Inventions
Day 23 – Colour Wheel
Day 24 – Wattamolla
Day 25 – Driving Ranges
Day 26 – Drawing
Day 27 – Captain Cook
Day 28 – African Animal Art
Day 29 – Train Worx
Day 30 – Sculptures by the Sea
Day 31 – Gallery

31 Days of Dad Days

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  1. Mrs Sally

    October 8, 2014 at 3:48 pm

    Hi Guys,
    What a fantastic idea … we love hearing about your Dad days. You have a great Dad and he certainly thinks up cool things to do. I know Mr Marty will be really jealous.
    Looking forward to reading about all of them.
    Lots of love
    Mrs Sally

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