A big year in 2014!

2014 has been another big year starting with us all going to Palm Cove to celebrate Mum & Dad’s 20 year wedding anniversary and we had an awesome time!
Waterfalls and More 278

Dad did a series of chalk art on God’s love for a women’s event Mum was co-ordinating.  He later auctioned the originals to raise money for TEAR Australia and also printed postcards, tea towels , canvasses and posters. You can find out all about his art on his website : peterjohnryan.com

love love love art

Elijah started playing the double bass which was a very exciting addition to our ‘Ryan Quartet’. 🙂 the 1/2 size instrument fills his room and our car as well! Abbi was much more sensible in choosing the flute! 🙂
double bass first lesson

Blogging was also a very exciting part of 2014, both for Mum and the four of us (Mum blogs at www.angelasryan.com). Our main blogging highlight this year was the 31 days of Dad Days that we did through October. Coming up with a blog post every day was quite a challenge!

We have made all sorts of crafts with paper, fabric, timber, wool, nails, tiles, twigs and anything from the “op shop” being strewn all over the front porch and throughout our house .  We are always making something new!  We also converted some roof space this year into an attic room.  It has a low ceiling, but is almost 5mx5m of floor space for lego, games or craft and has become the favourite room in our house!

Delle and Steph have now both passed Mum in height and so we joke about her being in the ‘shorter half’ of the family now – only Abbi and Elijah to go! 🙂

We hope that you have enjoyed our blog this year and we can’t wait to do some new and exciting things in 2015!
The Harmonic Minors

  1. Mrs Sally

    January 27, 2015 at 9:33 am

    The Richos have LOVED following ‘the lives of the Ryans’ (or ‘the life of Ryans’)!!… Keep the posts coming!!! Looking forward to reading about all the exciting things you do in 2015.
    Lots of love from The Richos xxxxoooo

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