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A Whole New World :)

I have been experimenting a bit with different plants.  It is always lots of fun.
Here is a picture of one of my succulents.  I have made it its own little world, like this…

Abbi plant Minors 011

I already had two succulent plants and I decided to make another one.  I carefully took one of the leaves off my healthiest plant and I also stole a tiny – tiny, bit of dirt.  Then I got one egg carton and cut out the little egg compartments.  I placed four of them on top of each other (the three top ones had a hole in the bottom) and I filled the top one with dirt.  Then in went my tiny succulent.

After that I got a jar and filled its lid with water, then I raised the egg carton stack by placing it on a tiny tin in the water. (Not shown in the picture.) I screwed the jar upside down onto the lid.

The plan is that when the jar and the plant soak up the sun, the water in the lid evaporates.  Because the water can’t escape it all clumps together at the top of the jar, then when drops get big enough they drop down onto my plant. Cool!

As the carton gets a bit soggy, I just place some new ones underneath the old ones. Huh ha!

All is going well so far.Abbi plant Minors 0062

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  1. Jazz

    August 30, 2015 at 4:04 pm

    Great idea Abbi!!! I wish I could try it 🙁

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