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We recently went to the library and borrowed a picture book called “Beekle”, written by Dan Santat.

The story is of an imaginary friend who has never been imagined.  He is determined to find his ‘real’ friend, so he sets off in a boat and sails to the real world.  There he searches for his friend.  But no one comes.  He became very sad because of all he had done and how long he had waited for just the right person.  After a long day he meets a small girl named Alice.


She is the one and she names him ‘Beekle’.

I really enjoyed the story and the style of the book.  The text was hand-lettered and the illustrations done in a mixture of pencil, crayon, watercolour, ink and Adobe Photoshop.  It is a beautifully designed book.  Try and find a copy somewhere and read it.  “Beekle” is definitely a great book for all ages. 🙂  Here is the video trailer of the book, enjoy!

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  1. Jazz

    August 4, 2014 at 7:45 am

    It sounds like a really interesting book!

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