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A Whole New World :)

I have been experimenting a bit with different plants.  It is always lots of fun. Here is a picture of one of my succulents.  I have made it its own little world, like this… I already had two succulent plants and I decided to make another one.  I carefully took one of the leaves off my healthiest plant and I also stole a tiny – tiny, bit of dirt.  Then I got one egg carton and cut out the little egg compartments.  I placed four of them on top of each other (the three top ones  ...

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Hi everybody, on this blog post I have made some simple baubles. They are easy and very cute, anyone could make them… What you will need: 3 different scrapbooking papers 1 cup – The size of your bauble will depend on the size of the cup. A pair of scissors 1 pencil String   And let’s get started… 1. Trace around the cup with your pencil onto the paper to make a circle. Trace out 4 circles on each piece of paper. 2. Cut out your circles with some scissors, you  ...

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