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The Willis Clan

Lately I have been listening to The Willis Clan and I am loving their songs.  They are a family that has twelve kids and all of their names start with the letter J. Jessica (23), Jeremiah (22), Jennifer (20), Jeanette (19), Jackson (17), Jedi (16), Jasmine (14), Juliette (12), Jamie (10), Joy Anna (8), Jaegar (6), and Jada (4). Their website is here. One of my favourite videos is: My favourite song is What Can I Say by Jessica Willis (if you are viewing this in email click over to our  ...

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Hi, from Dellie!

Hi, my name is Danielle and I have just turned 14 .  I have many nicknames such as Delle, Dellie, Dani, Dan and D’elle.  My middle name is Jayne so sometimes I get called Dellie Jayne.  I have super curly hair that makes extra springs in the rainy weather.  I have just set up my own shop, selling crochet dolls and little outfits to dress them up in. I love to play music.  I play the cello, guitar and piano.  I’m in the BlueScope Youth Orchestra.  I also love craft.  I am doing a  ...

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