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Day 10 – Robots!!

On one of the many Dad Days we’ve had we did this.


We made really cute wooden robots!

What you need-
Head piece of wood – 6cm long
Body piece of wood – 7cm long
2 leg pieces of wood – 4cm long
2 arm pieces of wood – 3cm long
A drop saw, coping saw and a drill

1. With your drop saw cut your pieces to length.

2. Option – shape your robot’s feet by drawing the shape of your robots feet onto the legs pieces, then using a coping saw carefully, cut them to shape.

3. Drill hole into the top of your robots head (go all the way through the head) and also the top of the body (DO NOT go all the way through the body, just a small hole at the top).  After that you need to drill a hole on each side of the body, that connects to the top hole.

4. Also drill holes in the side of the body where the legs are to go (drill right through).

5. Next drill a hole in the arms right through and the same with the sides of the legs.

6. Paint! paint you robot any colour you like. You might even want to put little details on, like a flower or and lightning bolt.

7. Once the pieces of your robot have dried, thread the rope through the holes like this picture.

Robot 2

Hopefully this picture helps, so you know where to put the holes and rope.

8. Once you’ve threaded rope through the holes then tie knots on the ends so that your robot does not fall apart.

9. Decorate your robot’s face with nuts, screws etc.

10. Your robot is finished. I really hope you liked it.

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  1. Jazz

    October 13, 2014 at 10:20 am

    They are so cute!

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