31 days of Dad Days, Elijah

Day 12 – Putt Putt Golf

putt putt


Have you ever played Putt Putt Golf?

I went on one of our Dad Days.  First we went and got our golf clubs and balls.  Then we went to the course which had 18 holes.

Final Score:

Dad – 78
Steph – 86
Delle – 98
Abbi – 103
Me – 111

The trickiest one was hole number 16, it was a canon that you had to shoot the ball up inside and try to get it to fly out the end and land in a net.

When we were on hole number 17, Stephie was sneaking ahead to try out hole number 18 and when her ball went in the hole, it was a locked box so that you couldn’t get it back out again, she had to use Dad’s ball for her turn.

My favourite hole was one where you had to hit the ball around a loop and it went around in a circle and came out the end so that you could hit it into the hole.

We had heaps of fun!

31 Days of Dad Days

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