31 days of Dad Days, Stephanie

Day 16 – Bike Ride to the Airport

Bike Dad Day

One of our ‘sport’ Dad Days, was bike riding.  We drove to the just outside the city and rode our bikes to the airport.  All up it was about 16km of riding.

I had heaps of trouble.  It was flat, but my legs were SOOOO sore!  I thought that it must have been because I had done heaps of swimming the day before.  When I kept losing sight of the others, they would stop and wait for me to come, and then have a drink.

Finally when I was going down a ramp, my bike wouldn’t roll, so we decided something was wrong with the bike.  I was exhausted by that time!

Dad checked it out and it turned out the brake had lost a bolt and turned sideways and jammed on so that when I was riding, I had the brake locked on the whole time!  After he took it off the bike, I had no trouble.  It was really easy to go fast.  No hope of losing sight of the others!  They would lose sight of me!  It was a great ride along the water and as soon as the brake was off I could fully enjoy the ride. 🙂

The Harmonic Minors 31 Days of Dad Days