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Day 17 – Make Your Own Kite

When was the last time you flew a kite?  Oh, do you have a kite?  If not make one!  It is so, so easy!


What you need:
A metre of dowel
A large garbage bag
3 metres of thin rope
String and colourful plastic bags or paper

1.  Cut your metre length of dowel into a 60cm and a 35cm long piece.
Kite patturn

2.  Glue those two pieces together with wood glue so that they look like a cross. Like the picture above.

3.  After that, wrap tape around the dowel where the two pieces meet. This step is very important, because it helps the kites be stronger.

4.  Cut your garbage bag up so that it is in one long piece

5.  Lie your cross on the garbage bag and trace around it (like the picture, below)


6.  Cut the shape out

7.  Then glue and tape the frame tightly onto your garbage bag.

8.  To make the tail you will need the short piece of string.

9.  Tie or tape the string on

10. To make little bows on the tails twist coloured garbage bags or paper along the string.

Capture 1

11.  After that tie or tape the long piece of rope onto your kite.

12. Tie a loop at the bottom of the rope for your hands!

13.  Last of all go out with your kite!!

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