31 days of Dad Days, Abigail

Day 18 – Flying Kites

One of the Dad Days we had was SO windy, that dad decided it would be a great day to test out our kites.   We carefully packed our kites into the car. Dad also packed the big kite that we own too.

We went to a big oval and tested our kites out.

They flew pretty well, at first.  Then….

Crack!!  Delle’s kite had folded in half and snapped!  Not long afterwards Elijah’s kite did the same thing.

We took turns flying Steph’s kite and my kite… But soon both our kites had snapped.  it was to WINDY!!

We got the big kite and flew that for about 5 minutes… then the wind stopped!!!

We still had lots of fun!!

When you’re making your kite make it a bit stronger!!!!


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