31 days of Dad Days, DIY, Elijah

Day 5 – Shadow Box



This was another one of our first Dad Days.  We made a shadow box.
What you need is:

  1. four pieces of wood the same length (you probably have to measure and cut them)
  2. some screws
  3. paint

First you screw the four pieces of wood so it looks like a box.  Then you paint the box your favourite colour (mine is blue).  You can stand your letter in it like me.



31 Days of Dad Days

  1. Mrs Sally

    October 8, 2014 at 3:57 pm

    Thanks for that Lije. Tahli has always wanted to make some shadow boxes for her room … now she will know how to make them.
    Love Mrs Sally
    PS. Have you taken apart the computer printer yet? We’ll look forward to a post when you do.

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