31 days of Dad Days, Stephanie

Day 8 – Stop Motion Skits

For one of our Dad Days we made a clay animation.  “Blib and Blob”.  The story of two clay blobs.

We painted a very long piece of paper with a background scene and made ‘blobs’ to be our characters.  We painted inside a box with matt black paint and cut two slits in the edges so that we could thread the background through the slits and move it to make it look like the blobs were actually moving.  We made a few clay blobs and set up some props.

Then we set up the camera with a tripod and button on a cord so that the frame would stay the same while we took photos.  Dad changed the camera settings so that we would have even amounts of light and we set up a lamp.

Then… !!  LIGHTS CAMERA ACTION!!  Lije took the photos and Delle, Abbi and I moved the background and shaped the blobs so that they appeared to be moving.

We downloaded the photos onto the computer and put them in a program, SAM Animations, which put the pictures together and played them really fast so that it looked like a movie even thought they were still motion photos.

Here it is.  The Harmonic Minors presents, “The Blib and Blob Animation” :

We hope you liked it!

The Harmonic Minors 31 Days of Dad Days

  1. Mrs Sally

    October 8, 2014 at 3:59 pm

    This is SOOOO cool!!! I love it. Very clever and great team work guys!!!
    Love again, Mrs Sally

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