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Day 9 – DIY Chopping Boards

Last Christmas we went to a Better Homes and Gardens Live show and learnt how to make chopping boards out of scraps of wood.  We made lots of them and gave them to our family and friends for Christmas.

What you need:

Some lengths of wood in different colours to make a pattern
PVA glue
A few large clamps
A jig saw and drop saw (to neaten edges and to shape)
A sander
Optional –  a drill to make holes
Butcher block oil

Step 1 : Cut the wood to the length that you want your chopping board be.

Step 2 : Get your PVA glue and put it along the edges of the wood where they will join together.

Step 3 : Rub the pieces that you are gluing against each other to get rid of all of the air to make it REALLY strong.  Glue all the pieces together like this.

Step 4 : Clamp all the pieces of wood together and wait a couple of hours until the glue is dry.

Step 5 : Shape the chopping board with the jig saw and trim all of the pieces so that they are exactly the same length.  If you want a hole, use the drill with a hole saw to make the hole as big as you want.  Do not put the hole too close to the edge or the wood will split apart and make a mess.  The best way to fix this is to turn it into a small cheese board like the one in the middle of the picture. 🙂

Step 6 : Sand the chopping board all over until it is very smooth.

Step 7 : Oil the chopping board over with a rag and then leave it for an hour.  Come back and oil it couple of times until the wood won’t soak up any more oil.  Every so often the chopping board will dry out and you will have to oil it again.

We hope you like your chopping board!

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