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DIY Christmas Wreath

Drawings and Steph's wreath and advent calendar 133

It’s December!!! Time to make some Christmas crafts and this year I have made a wreath along with lots of other ideas. I will pop some of them up before Christmas. The Nester, from the Nesting Place, is hosting a wreath DIY link on her blog so I decided to get creative and see what I could use to make a wreath this year.  I went with egg cartons.

You will need about 3 egg cartons (I used 34 ‘cups’), glue, HEAPS of pegs, a paperclip and an area where the glue can drip and not ruin anything.

Tear out each of the cups from the full carton so that they look rustic with rough edges.

Arrange them in a rough wreath shape and peg them together starting on the outside round. They will form a ‘bowl’ shape as you peg them. the outside row should have the cups facing out and the back of them facing towards the middle of the circle. The middle row will be less facing out the inside row almost facing up. You can add more rows to make it a bigger wreath.

Use as many pegs as you need to get it stuck in the shape you want. If you use pegs all in the same colour, as you glue you can replace them with another colour so that you know which ones are glued.

Drawings and Steph's wreath and advent calendar 084

Work in rows and glue the cups together, re-pegging them to hold them in place. To get into places where one side is already glued, you can use a paddle pop stick (a paté knife also works well).

Drawings and Steph's wreath and advent calendar 108

Leave it overnight to make sure it is completely dry and then pull all of the pegs off!

Drawings and Steph's wreath and advent calendar 111

Bend a paper clip into a loop to hang the wreath on the wall with and poke it through the top of the wreath. Bend the ends so that it stays on the wreath.


I used twine to tie the flowers on so that when they fade I can add new ones.

It’s is a bit different to what I had imagined and took quite a while, but I love it and it turned out really well!

Drawings and Steph's wreath and advent calendar 133


The Harmonic Minors

  1. Mrs Sally

    December 14, 2014 at 10:27 pm

    WOW!! U r so patient Stephi. Did you come up with the idea yourself?
    Tahli made me a new advent wreath this year (the old one was rather daggy). I love it … it is simple but beautiful.
    x Mrs Sally

    1. Stephanie

      December 31, 2014 at 8:24 pm

      It did take a lot of work. 🙂 I thought of the idea myself, but changed it as I went along to make it work. I have another 4 egg cartons lined up to try to improve the wreath. 🙂 I even have green ones this time! You will have to send me a picture of Tahli’s wreath, I’d love to see it! Steph

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