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DIY marmalade and a freebie

IMG_0148IMG_0147The other day I felt like cooking and there were a LOT of oranges in our fruit basket, so I made marmalade.  Why not?  It turned out really yummy so I decided to put it on the blog.  We have a Thermomix so it is from the Thermomix Everyday cookbook.

Citrus Marmalade:
Makes about 1.75 litres
1kg of Citrus Fruit ( Limes/oranges/cumquats/lemons/grapefruit) I used all oranges and it was about four whole oranges.
300g of water
800g of sugar (I used slightly less and it is still sweet enough.)

1. Finely slice the fruit with a mandolin, retaining some pips.  You could also chop the whole orange into quarters, add to the Thermomix and press the turbo button a couple of times until it’s chopped up into small pieces.

2. Place the fruit and water into the Thermomix bowl and cook long enough to soften the rind.  Approximately 10 minutes at 100°C on Reverse + speed soft.  Depending on the fruit the time could vary.

3. Add sugar and cook for 5 minutes on 100°C at Reverse + speed 1-2.

4. Remove the measuring cup or tip it on it’s side to prevent spitting. (I found this didn’t work and so I sat the steaming basket on top to block the marmalade spitting all over the bench).  Continue to cook for a further 10 minutes at Varoma temperature on Reverse + speed 1-2 until setting point is reached and marmalade gels when tested on the back of a cold spoon.


This recipe was very delicious although I found that the marmalade didn’t quite set right so I would recommend cooking for as long as it says in step 4 and then test and expect that you might have to cook it for longer. 🙂

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