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DIY Notebook Covers


Lots of Americans are going back to school, so at the moment there are hundreds of notebook cover tutorials and ideas. I am not starting a new year but I have recently started my new science course and so I got a whole heap of new notebooks.  I always love thinking of ideas to design and cover them.  Last year it was scrapbooking paper.  This year it is cardboard and fabric. 🙂

You will need:
A notebook
Cardboard (a cereal box cardboard is perfect 🙂 )
Fabric for spine
PVA glue and a glue stick
A pencil, ruler and scissors
A piece of paper



To start, measure the front cover of your notebook. Be as accurate as possible so that you can cover the book exactly.


Measure and cut out the cardboard to fit the covers.


Glue the cardboard to the front and back covers.


Cut out a piece of fabric as long as your book and as wide as you want the spine (I did about 3 centimetres wide for my spine).  Always cut a little bit bigger to allow for ‘wiggle’ room if you have to change something or if you measured wrong.


Glue the fabric to a piece of paper with PVA glue.  This makes the fabric stiffer and less likely to fray.  You might have to sit heavy things on top to stop it from curling up.


Cut out the fabric from the paper.


Put glue on the back of the paper-backed fabric and glue it to the spine of the note book.


Clamp with bulldog clips and wait until it is dry.


When it is dry, trim off any extra fabric and enjoy!!


You could also add decorations on the cardboard, or you can leave it plain like mine. 🙂
You could also use scrapbooking paper as an alternative to fabric for the spine.

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