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DIY. String Art

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We had another of our well loved Dad Days on Tuesday, and because it was raining we spent the day making string art. I have always loved the ones I see on Pinterest and so it was great to finally give it a go!

I whipped up my name in Illustrator and printed it out and marked roughly around it where my nails would go.


Then I coloured over the back with a pencil, taped it onto my wood and traced where the nails went with a pen so that it left marks on the wood.




I hammered in all of the nails and it was some of them were quite tricky to hold so I used a pair of pliers. Dad straightened out the crooked ones….. He’s pretty good at that!



Then was the fun bit of squiggling all over and filling it in! I had to go over it twice before it was easy enough to read.



Here’s Abbi’s, Delle’s (2), Dad’s, and then my string art.
Lije is still doing his, we will put it up when he is done.
I hope you like our ideas and give it a go. Let us know if you do!

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