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DIY Cowls

Cowl Collage

Lately I have been loving wearing cowls and I have been desperately wanting to find a pattern for one.  At last I found one on Youtube that I loved.  I then adapted it to make my own pattern as follows:

All you need is thick wool, a 10mm crotchet hook and a wool needle to weave in the ends.

Row 1
Chain stitch until you have 66-72 inches of chains (this depends on how long you would like your cowl to be – I do 66in for a doubled over cowl and 72in when it is tripled)
Slip stitch into first chain

Row 2
1 chain stitch and then half treble stitch into each chain until end
Slip stitch into first chain

Rows 3 to end
Repeat the last step until you have done 8-12 rows depending on how wide you would like your cowl to be

And you are done!!! Have fun and be warm!!!

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 PS.  The cowls pictured on the left hand side are ones that I have made using this pattern.  The cowl on the right hand side is another one that I particularly like.  : )


  1. Delle

    July 28, 2015 at 4:48 pm

    It is really warm and I have only just sewed in the ends. 😛

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