Favourite Fonts

These are my favourite fonts at the moment.
I like them all for different reasons and have been using them for absolutely everything.
I hope you like them too and can use them in your projects.

Favourite Fonts 2

We have recently been getting a lot of free fonts from Creative Market.  They have six free digital design items each week.  They usually include a font, an Adobe Illustrator file, some cool graphics, hand drawn images or a fun editable mock-up.

Another place we get free fonts from is DaFont.  You can search fonts here by the style.  You can also write a phrase and it will show what those words will look like in the font of your choice.

 When our Dad does chalkart, he is always looking for ideas from different fonts and downloading them to our computer.  Now we have a lot of very cool fonts because of this.   A while ago, he made a collection of chalkart on God’s Love in Chalk and he is currently making some chalkart for one of our friend’s engagement party this weekend.

I hope that you enjoy these fonts and have heaps of fun using them.

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