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Interview with… well… me!

Hi everyone!  On this post I decided to do a little interview with… well… me.

My first few questions are…

What is my name? Abigail, but I like to answer to Abbi (with an i)

Do I have any brothers or sisters? Well of course. I have two older sisters (Steph and Dellie) and a little bro (Lije)

How old am I? 12

What do I like to do in my spare time? I love to read, jumping on the tramp, running around with our dog

What sports do I like doing? I like oztag and athletics. I have also just started soccer and surfing.

What types of craft do I like doing? Drawing and lettering

Which one do I like better? Craft or Sport? Sport

What do I want to be when I grow up? A million different things…

What did I want to be when I was four or five? Probably a zoo keeper

Do I have some pets? Yes, in our family we have a dog and a turtle. Over the years though, we have had 3 turtles and 2 dogs plus many tadpoles and fish

What is my favourite food? I like potato bake, and wraps and quince paste

What is NOT my favourite food? I don’t like risotto, brussel sprouts and asparagus

What is my favourite flower? My favourite flowers would be roses, gilias and babies breath

What are my favourite book series? Probably Viking Quest by Lois Walfrid Johnson and the Wilderking Trilogy by Jonathan Rogers (okay, that’s two series)

Is there anything that I really like to do? I like to play the flute, the game tip and I like to run

And… What is an interesting fact about me? I wear odd socks.

And that’s the end, thanks for reading

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  1. Mrs Sally

    March 23, 2015 at 10:34 am

    I loved it Abbi. I always enjoy your interview posts. I had to look up what a gilia was …. they are very pretty …. do you have them growing?

    Lots of love
    from Mrs Sally

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