Quilling!! Have you tried it before?  Have you heard if it?

Well if you would like to try it, you need a quill – you can find quills at craft stores.  Quilling is when you wrap a thin piece of paper around your quill, then when you take it of you have a spiral/circle.  You can squash the spiral into shapes when you need a different shape.

Today, since it is coming up to Christmas, I thought that we should do a little Christmas quilling.  Here is what we are going to make:

A Christmas tree.

What you need:
A quill
Green paper
Brown paper
Star sequins – optional

1. Cut your paper into thin strips that are 3mm wide

2. With a green strip that is 30cm long wrap your paper around your quill.  When you take it off let go of it so that it pings a out a little – not too much.  Then glue the end of the paper down so that it doesn’t keep unravelling.

3. Pinch both ends to create a leaf shape.

4. Repeat with another 30cm long strip.

5. Repeat twice with 15cm long green strips and thrice with 7.5cm long strips.

6. Arrange them as shown on my picture.

7. Now repeat this step with one 30cm brown strip.

8. Take a second 30cm brown strip, coil it around the quill, glue the end but pinch the sides differently to the leaf shape you have been making.  Pinch it so that it ends up with one straight and one curved side as shown.

9. Personalise you Christmas tree with star sequins how you like it.


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