Ten Interesting and Unique Words

How good is your vocabulary?
Do you have any idea what the following story is about?

Once upon a time….  There was a young girl who ate a potato.  Soon afterwards she got bumfuzzling collywobbles.  She felt as though her tummy was flipping in a widdershins direction, but that would be taradiddle, because your tummy can’t flip over and over.  Her tummy felt just like a blob of slime, completely amorphous.  Just as she thought that she had reached the zenith of the whole experience, she got an effervescent, felicity feeling.  Her tummy was resplendent as she gave it a belgard, suddenly all of the odd things that were happening stopped.  Just like that. 🙂

If you are like me and weren’t familiar with most of the words in my story then check out the ten really cool definitions below:

Belgard : a kind or loving look
Resplendent : shining
Bumfuzzle : confuse; perplex; fluster
Taradiddle : nonsense
Widdershins :  counterclockwise
Collywobbles : a bellyache
Effervescent : bubbly
Zenith : highest point
Amorphous : indefinite, shapeless
Felicity : happiness, pleasantness

Try using these words this week and you will impress everyone. 🙂
The Harmonic Minors

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