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The Willis Clan

The WIllis Clan with names

I have decided to do an update on the Willis Clan post that I did last year.  They are a family with 12 kids (all beginning with the letter ‘J’) who are very musical and they also do a lot of different types of dancing.  A reality TV series called The Willis Family has just aired and I have really enjoyed watching it.  The second series is coming out in early 2016.  The Willis Clan’s latest album is called Heaven and I absolutely love all the songs that are it.  Altogether they have released three albums, which also include Roots and Boots.  Some of my favourite songs that they have written are not on any albums yet, but you can listen to snippets of them here and here.

Here are all the members of the family:

Jessica Jane – 23 (April 13)

Jeremiah Scott – 22 (April 9)

Jennifer Elizabeth – 20 (January 4)

Jeanette Lynn – 19 (April 15)

Jackson Scott – 17 (May 26)

Jedi Scott – 16 (August 22)

Jasmine Katrina – 14 (September 7)

Juliette Rose – 12 (May 23)

Jamie Christine – 10 (May 24)

Joy Anna – 8 (December 2)

Jaegar Scott – 6 (October 4)

Jada Marie – 4 (October 27)

And here are some of the songs off their new album, and some meet the family videos:

If you can’t view these videos in your email, click here.

jazz and jackson dancing


11 and 12 dancing


jair and jenny


I hope that you liked this post and I will try to do some more posts like this on other artists.

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