Weekend clean-up

Last weekend I was sorting all of my old school work and preschool art.  It was very cool to look back and see all of the things that I did when I was little.  Most of them were very cute.  I loved looking at the spelling and handwriting.

This is Abbi’s handwriting of her name in 2008:
2004-2007 my writing_0002

A book review I did in year two:
2004-2007 my writing_0006

A story about a frog at our holiday house in 2007:
2004-2007 my writing_0007

In year two we studied the Winnie the Pooh books and I loved them so much that I invented lots of my own ‘Pooh Bear’ stories:
2004-2007 my writing_0008

When we were down at our holiday houses we had scrapbooks to draw and write in, these were two samples. I have heaps of ‘show’ programs and plans to become the ‘ WORLD’S BEST ATHLETS’ (athletes) :).


At the time I was so impressed with my skill of doing all of these things, but now when I look at them they bring lots of laughs and it is great to dig them up and look through all of them again. 🙂

The Harmonic Minors