Words Within Words

Yesterday Abbi gave us a word at dinnertime, and we had to find as many words as we could within it.  The only rules were that you couldn’t have one or two letter words and if you ended up with a word the same as someone else, then you both had to cross it off your lists.

The word Abbi gave us was compensate.  I had 102 words in total and won that game with 19 words that no one else had.

eg. compensate – scene, scent, scope, escape, cat, cats, pen, pens, scam, paste, ape, scan, cans, compete, competes, sate, ate, eat, tea, teas, eats, meat, meats, team, teams etc.

Here are some words for you to try this out.  Set the timer for 2 minutes and find as many words as you can inside any of the words listed below:






Have fun!

Please comment below on how many words you found inside which of the ones above.

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